How It Works


#1 - Choose Your Car

Simply choose the car make and model to narrow down your search. Also by providing us with your postcode we can allow more localised dealers to quote more competitively with lower delivery costs.



#2 - Choose The Specific Variant

Once your make and model have been narrowed down, if multiple options are available (manual, automatic, etc) you can then choose your specific needs and further variants available.



#3 - Choose The Colour and Options

We will provide dealers with your colour preferences so that they can quote apples for apples with other dealers. Dealers will also be able to quote on your other colour preferences if your main colour is not available.



#4 - Calculate Drive Away Price

Each quote will include total drive-away costs including delivery to your door (if requested). So even if your car is from an interstate dealer, you can be assured that all quotes are inclusive of all costs for the car delivery to your door.



#5 - Get Offers

Generally you will receive 3 offers within the first 24 hours and in most cases, even more if the car is from a more popular make of car. Each time you receive a new dealer quote, you'll be notified via email where you can view them within the client dashboard so you can make an informed choice when selecting the successful dealer.



#6 - Choose The Deal You Like Best

Once you've chosen your successful bid your details will be released to the successful dealer and likewise, you will receive the dealers details so that you can finalize the transaction with them directly.



#7 - Give Dealers Feedback

Giving feedback to our dealers helps strengthen our network of dealers but also allows other users to be more informed about dealers they are dealing with on their bids in the future. We want to know how smooth the transaction was with the dealer so we can let everyone else know!